K.A.Z is the guitarist and music composer for another famous Japanese rock band, "Oblivion Dust". However, he also performed with other two iconic Japanese bands - "hide with Spread Beaver" and "Spin Aqua"(with pop idol Anna Tsuchiya). In 2003 he started working with HYDE, helping write and produce some of HYDE's solo works. Their collaboration strengthened over time and was credited with the huge success of HYDE's 3rd album "FAITH". K.A.Z co-produced the album with HYDE as well as composed 5 tracks, including the single "SEASON'S CALL", on the album.
K.A.Z is also well-known as a successful composer for films, including "Detroit Metal City" for which he wrote the main track "SATSUGAI". Still a working member of Oblivion Dust and now VAMPS, K.A.Z plays a large part in directing the future of Japanese rock music.